Like most women, lip balm has been an obsession since I was a young girl. Playing dress up was
the ultimate and every girl knew no outfit was complete without something for her lips.

As I grew older, new exciting lip balm flavors were at every store. Since I wasn't allowed to wear real
makeup until I was 'older', I began hoarding every type of lip balm and lip gloss that I could find. The
best balms were the 'sliding lid' Lip Lickers® lip balms. Great flavors & really cool tins. (I'm not sure if it
was the flavor or the tin that made these balms so enviable!)

As with most interests, eventually something else comes along like boys and real makeup and soon
the beloved tins were put out of my mind. Skip ahead many years later to when a rainy day of cleaning
in 2003 gave way to a wonderful discovery! I found a box full of my beloved Lip Lickers® lip balm! Excited, I grabbed the balm and opened the lid to reveal that yes, there was still balm inside but sadly, no wonderful
smell! Needless to say after learning that the date on the thing was marked '1979', (yes I have just 'dated' myself) I refrained from putting it on my lips!

That wonderful discovery sparked a bit of nostalgia that eventually became the Vintage Sister Lip Lickers®
brand. The design may be a little different than those of the '70's' but the sliding tin and the juicy flavors
are the same, along with the wonderful feeling of delicious, moisturizing lip balm!

Our Lip Lickers® balms range from traditional flavors that we loved as a child, to more indulgent flavors,
to satisfy our grown up tastes. Recently, we have added new lip balm tubes in our Cocoa Shop. Four
unique chocolate flavors made with real cocoa. (for all of us chocolate addicts!)

At Vintage Sister, we hope that a new generation can discover these wonderful flavors and tins and others,
like us, can relive a little magic from our childhood.